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bringing the fish in

Blue Fox Matrixx.jpg

Blue Fox Matrixx Spoons

The Blue Fox Matrixx is a versatile spoon that can be used by itself to catch fish. When you remove the hook, it doubles as an inline flasher that is good for both trolling and jigging. They are lightweight and come in a vast variety of colours. 

Trolling/Jigging flasher

Kokanee lures

Gibbs Gator Spoons

The Gibbs Gator is created for catching big predators such as lake trout, but with the hook removed it can be used as an inline flasher and becomes a very effective kokanee attractor. It can be both trolled or jigged. They are lightweight, creating less drag than some of the more bulky flashers.

Trolling/Jigging flasher

Kokanee Flasher
Macks-Sling Blade.jpg

Mack's Sling Blade

Trolling/Jigging flasher

The Mack's Sling Blade is a versatile flasher that can be used for both trolling and jigging. It has nice action and is lightweight, making it a popular choice. The Sling Blade stops dodging when you have a fish on the line, which results in less drag when you're reeling in. This flasher comes in a variety of sizes and colours. Red and silver are a popular colour, but I tend to choose the UV colours.

Macks Sling Blade kokanee.jpg
Kokanee dodger

Gibbs Dog Tail Dodger

This flasher is thin and lightweight, giving it plenty of swimming action as it slowly dodges back and forth. The dodger can be both trolled or jigged. It comes in a variety of different UV colours to enhance the dodger's visibility even at depths. 

Trolling/Jigging flasher

Gibbs Dog Tail Dodger kokanee
Gang Troll kokanee

Luhr Jensen Ford Fender

A tried and true classic, the Ford Fender is a very effective flasher and almost always works to bring in the fish. It is used primarily for trolling. The downside to the flasher is it creates more drag on your line. This gang troll comes in a variety of sizes and colours. I prefer the the 2 leaf silver and gold combo. 

Trolling flasher

Ford Fender.jpg

Gibbs Willow Leaf Troll

A simple-to-use classic- and effective, too! This inline set of  spinners has many sizes and colours and is used primarily when trolling. It does add some drag to your line depending on the size of the willow leaf.

Trolling flasher

Gibbs Willow Leaf Troll
Macks Dodger

Mack's Double "D" Dodger

Trolling/Jigging flasher

This is a great idea by Mack's! The Mack's Double D Dodger has additional holes on the base of the dodger so that you can attach your leader to whichever one you like. This allows you to customize how much action the dodger gives to your lure, with more action coming from using the outside holes. Using the outside holes will also make your setup plane out so it is not directly under the boat. 

Macks Double D.jpg
Hot Spot Micro.jpg

Hot Spot Micro Flasher

This flasher is a classic. Its actions include rolling with a distinct tail-kicking motion. The bigger version is very commonly used in the ocean when fishing for salmon. The micro version is lightweight and more suited for lakes and when kokanee fishing. This is a great choice.

Trolling/Jigging flasher

 Hot Spot Micro
Dick Nite flasher.jpg

Dick Nite Dodger

Trolling/Jigging flasher

The Dick Nite Dodger is good flasher for trolling and jigging. It has a slow steady wobble that creates an enticing action to attract fish. This dodger has less drag than some flashers and come in several different colour patterns.

Dick Nite Dodger.jpg

making the fish bite


Spin N Glo

Spin N Glo

The Spin N Glo has an endless amount of colours and sizes. You can get them pre-rigged with a swivel and hook, or you can rig your own. They are very effective when tipped with bait for catching kokanee as well as other fish.

Trolling Lure

Spin N Glo.jpg
Kokanee lure

Apex Hot Shot/Pro-Troll Kokanee lures

Trolling Lure

The Apex Kokanee special and the Pro-Troll Kokanee Killer come pre-tied with tandem hooks. That is a big deal when you are trying to keep kokanee on the hook. With a variety of colours to choose from, you will have no problem finding your preferred colour. This is a great lure, full of action. 

Apex kokanee special
Chromes kokanee lures.jpeg

Wedding bands

This is my favourite! The Wedding Band tipped with bait is a tried and true classic lure. It will rarely let you down. It can be combined with any flasher and is inexpensive. I prefer to tie my own so I can customize. I like to tie them with tandem hooks, which helps to turn most of your bites into catches.

Trolling Lure

Wedding Bands
Chromes kokanee lures.jpg


Trolling Lure

The hoochie is a commonly used lure for kokanee. They can be used on their own or combined with a spinner or blade to increase the flash and, in some cases, the action of the hoochie. There are endless brands, colours, and sizes of hoochie. I rig my own hoochies, Chromes Custom Hoochies.

Kokanee lures hoochies
Dick Nite Spoons

Dick Nite Spoon

The Dick Nite spoon is a good choice for kokanee, especially if you are fishing a lake with a bait ban. The action of this spoon tends to get the kokanee to bite even when you are not using bait. If you are using bait, be sure to use small amounts. Too much bait will steal the action of the lure, making it less effective.

Trolling Lure

Dick Nite spoons