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2020 fishing reports

Paul Lake is best known for its hiking trails its huge rock bluff and  scenic viewpoints.  Now stocked with kokanee, Paul Lake's kokanee fishing is quickly growing in popularity. Learn more about Paul Lake here.

Ice update

December 26, 2020

The west end of the lake is ice covered, but the rest of the lake is open water. I drilled near the edge and found 4 inches of ice. I would guess that the ice tapers toward the middle. There was some people shoveling off an ice rink near shore, but I would not recommend venturing out too far.

Paul Lake.jpg

October 19, 2020

I bought a Princecraft Ungava on the weekend and it came with launching wheels. I was pretty excited because the boat launch at Paul Lake has steel yellow posts blocking the boat launch. I figured that I would be able to maneuver my new boat and motor around them to launch it.

It turns out that I could have launched my boat here all along! As I backed my trailer close to the yellow steel posts I realized that I had a couple of inches to spare on either side of my wheel wells! The distance between the post measured approximately 70 inches.

Paul Lake kokanee.jpg

With a little precision backing up the boat trailer I was able to launch my boat without the use of the boat's launching wheels. The boat was not floating when my tailgate was backed right up to the posts but my boat was light enough to push off the trailer.

I started out fishing near the bluff. I set up one rod with a Teton tackle dodger with 14 inches of leader to a pink wiggle hoochie and I set it to 25 feet. With the second rod, I set up with a Dogtail dodger with 16 inches of leader to pink Chromes single spinner tipped with scented shoepeg corn and set this line to 40 feet. I fished at these depths for about 20 minutes and was only marking the odd fish. Because I was marking so few fish I wondered whether the fish were closer to the surface. I reeled in my second rod and changed my setback (the distance from my lure to the downrigger clip) to 90 feet and lowered the downrigger to 10 feet. Within seconds, I caught my first kokanee. I reset, and again within seconds I had one on that got away. I changed up my bait to Berkley's pink maggots because they stay on better but the action slowed significantly. I went back to the scented shoepeg corn and put a half ounce weight on my line, and I let it out 90 feet with no downrigger and I caught three more kokanee- each one a carbon copy last. I got most of the bites at 1.2 MPH.

Once I brought my line closer to the surface I had my limit in 30 minutes. The action was so fast that I ended up only fishing with one rod because two was more work than it was worth.

When I was cleaning the fish I was surprised at the different colours of the flesh. I will be taste testing both the orange meat and the red meat tonight.

the Strategy

Trolling at 1.2 MPH and only 5 to 15 feet deep.

Rod one: A Teton Tackle dodger with 16 inches of leader, and a pink wiggle hoochie.


Rod two: A Gibbs Dogtail Dodger  16 inches of leader and a pink Chrome's spinner tipped with shoepeg corn scented with garlic and anise oil


Non-stop kokanee action today once I found the fish!

kokanee: 5

rainbows: 0


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The ice is off!

April 23, 2020

The ice is off half of the lake, and I am sure that the rest of the ice will go very quick.  There is plenty of open water to fish, Finding a place to launch proves very challenging with the parks being closed. I talked to a fisherman who was just wrapping up his fishing, sporting his limit of kokanee. He caught them all by jigging a small pink buzzbomb with no bait at around 30 ft.

Paul Lake.jpg
Paul Lake.jpg

February 28, 2020

Today I only had a couple of hours to spend on the hard water. Since Paul Lake is the closest kokanee lake for me, it was the obvious choice. The ice was still holding strong. There was about eight inches of solid ice with eight inches of white ice on top of that. I talked to three people and they had only one fish between them and they said they hadn't seen any since the one they caught .

Garmin Striker 4 and Syanspan Underwater

I set up near the bluffs today just last time. I was using both my underwater camera and my Garmin Striker 4 fish finder. I jigged at 15 to 20 feet. I saw nothing until about 10:15 and then the flasher on the fish finder started to light up and the camera revealed a large school passing by. The next 10 minutes were fast and furious with the action. I managed to catch two kokanee and missed several other light bites. They were bumping my jig constantly but they only took it in a couple of times.


the Strategy

Jigging between 15 to 20 feet I managed a couple. I marked no fish below 15 feet.

My setup:  A Gibbs Dog Tail Dodger with 12 inches to a small orange and glow jig tipped with real pink maggots. I also swapped the dodger for a Gibbs gator midway through the day.

10 minutes of fast action today! I managed two fish in the flury of action, and then nothing.

kokanee: 2

rainbows: 0

I walked over to the other fishers to see if they were seeing the same action, but the school must have swam around them because they still had not seen any more fish.


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January 31, 2020

I was starting to regret my decision to go fishing today while I was walking in pounding rain, pulling my sled, and walking over three inches of water that coated a smooth sheet of slippery ice. The ice that was so thick just the other day is disappearing fast- 8 inches of white ice with some slush mixed in and 6 inches of hard ice below that.

Paul Lake Bluff BC

I set up near the bluffs today, mostly for a change of scenery, but also because I hadn't fished there yet this year and I was hoping to find some big schools of kokanee. It didn't disappoint! I was testing a new underwater camera today and I was able to record some good shots of the schools. I intentionally fished a little deeper than where the schools of fish were, so that I could tilt the camera slightly upward to see the profile of the kokanee against the ice background. It was pretty cool! Check out the videos below for a clip kokanee taking the bait.


the Strategy

Jigging at 27 feet I saw large schools of kokanee. Getting them interested was the hard part.

My setup:  A Gibbs Dog Tail Dodger with 12 inches to a small pink jig head tipped chartreuse  gulp maggots.

I had so much fun watching all the fish on screen today! I only managed one but had a great day anyway!

kokanee: 1

rainbows: 0

Everyone that I talked to on the ice today found the fishing to be pretty slow. A couple of the guys had one kokanee on the ice and the others were not so lucky.


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