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Paska Lake is very new to the kokanee fishery, with the first kokanee stocked in 2017. Previously, Paska Lake was home to only small rainbow trout. Little is known about how good the kokanee fishery will be.

FEBruary 4, 2022

I wasn't feeling well and didn't want to interact with other anglers and chance making them sick so I decided to go try a lake that is fished much less than most. I have to be feeling really lousy before I don't feel like fishing.


Paska Lake has been on my radar for some time. It has been stocked with triploid kokanee starting in 2017.

Paska Lake kokanee

I arrived around 9 a.m. and began the trek from the road down through the campsites and to the lake. This was much easier than the return trip that involved dragging the sled uphill and stopping a few times to catch my breath.

I set up about 75 feet off shore in front of the campsites where the water is 25 feet deep. My first observation was how thick the daphnia were in the top 8 feet of water. Before I could get my line in the water I was already seeing kokanee on the underwater camera only 5 feet down. This was very exciting because I have not definitively seen kokanee in Paska Lake before this.


I first tried a 3.5 inch ice flasher with 12 inches of leader to a small pink glow jig with a pink real maggot. I found that the kokanee were often interested when my gear was free falling but as soon as I jigged back up they would swim away. On occasion when the kokanee got close the flash of the flasher seemed to spook them.

Paska Lake fishing.jpg

It seemed as though I could generate the most interest using long 5 foot slow jigs, with the kokanee's curiosity peaking as the spoon fluttered down. I had many swim towards the spoon as it was falling but would swim off when it stopped.

I tried several different baits but all had the same results. I changed my set up to a small pink spoon with shoepeg corn and I managed to entice one kokanee to take the offering. 

Throughout the day I caught several small rainbow trout that were much more eager to take the bait. The kokanee were all in the top 10 feet of water with the majority at 5 feet. 

the Strategy

Jigging 5 to 10 feet deep using long slow jigs.


The set up: a small pink spoon tipped with shoepeg corn scented with anise oil and Pautzke nectar.



Kokanee in Paska Lake!!! This is the first time I've caught kokanee out of Paska Lake.

kokanee: 1
rainbows: 6


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