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fishing reports

Stump Lake is producing kokanee in the one to two pound range as well as some big rainbow trout. Read more about  Stump Lake

Ice update

December 31, 2021

There was 4 inches of solid ice a few meters out from the boat launch. I wandered out further, testing along the way and it tapered to 3.5 inches about 100 meters out. I didn't push it past that. I set up a line but did not mark any fish. I think I needed to be out farther for kokanee or much closer to shore for rainbows. A beautiful bright day though!

Ice Hole.jpg
Stump Lake.png

Novemeber 29, 2021

What a treat to find some sunshine at Stump Lake today. When I left Kamloops it was heavily fogged in.

I got to the lake at around 9:30 and started scanning different spots with the Garmin Striker 4 until I found the fish. It took 30 minutes of searching before landing on some big schools on the north east side of the lake.

Stump Lake kokanee.jpg
Stump Lake.jpg

I was marking fish from the surface down to 30 feet with the odd mark at 40 feet. I put my gear down to 25 feet with a 75 foot setback and I was quickly into a double header, both rainbows. While resetting, I caught another rainbow at the surface before I could lower the downrigger.

When I reset I went to 40 feet with both rods. This proved to be slower, but I did land two more rainbows and two kokanee over the course of a couple of hours

My next strategy was to set a top line out at 2 feet deep with the second line at 40 feet. I quickly found myself in my second double header of the day! The deeper line caught a rainbow and to my surprise the top line caught a kokanee. I caught two more rainbows on the surface line and another two while jigging. I found that the fish were quite concentrated to one spot on the north east end of the lake, about 50 meters square. Any time spent outside that area yielded no results.

the Strategy

Rod one: A Chrome's dodger  with 16 inches of leader and a pink and purple Chrome's single spinner tipped with shoepeg corn scented with anise oil


Rod two: A Chrome's dodger to a Chrome's pink and yellow spinner tipped with shoepeg corn scented with anise oil


Lots of action today with  two double headers!

kokanee: 3
rainbows: 9


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November 29, 2021

July 5, 2021

It has been a few weeks since I have been able to put a line in the water. Air conditioner breakdowns and nearby scary fires have taken precedence over fishing.

I was thinking that with the drastic heat we have been having in Kamloops that the fishing would have slowed down, but that is not at all the case for Stump Lake.

Stump Lake chrome catchers kokanee fishing.jpg

Today is the first day ever that I have wished for rain while I was fishing, but we need it! 

I launched at the paved boat launch at 9 a.m. and fished right out front in 70 to 80 feet of water. I put on a Chrome's dodger and a pink and purple Chrome's smile spinner. On my second rod I used a  Chrome's dodger and a pink wiggle hoochie. I used a 40 foot set-back and trolled between 40 to 50 feet deep. I caught two very quickly on the smile spinner trolling at 1.4mph. 

I changed up my second rod to an orange and yellow smile spinner and quickly caught two nice chromers on it. The last fish took the pink and purple smile spinner. My limit was filled in 90 minutes! It was a good day.

While cleaning these fish the three smallest had a pale orange colour meat, while the two biggest had a much healthier looking deep orange meat.

the Strategy

Rod one: A Chrome's dodger  with 16 inches of leader and a pink and purple Chrome's smile spinner tipped with shoepeg corn scented with garlic and anise oil


Rod two: A pink Chrome's dodger with 16 inches of leader to a pink wiggle hoochie.


The kokanee were hanging out between 35 to 60 feet deep. It didn't take long to fill my limit.

kokanee: 5
rainbows: 0


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