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Located just 45 minutes out of Kamloops in the Roche Lake provincial park, Tulip Lake is amongst  several great trout fishing lakes that are grouped closely together.

Tulip Lake is my favourite lake to take my kids because there is plenty of room for them to play when they need a break from fishing. This lake has good accessibility for kids and seniors. The fishing dock is fully fenced and is accessible via a short dirt path and provides some easy casting. No worrying about your kids' fishing lures and lines getting cast into tree branches. A small car-top boat launch is located close to the dock.


-1500 female triploid eastern brook trout fry each year

-500 triploid rainbow trout each year (spring catchables)

-Some years they stock 2 to 3 times these numbers

Tulip Lake is stocked annually with eastern brook trout and rainbow trout that can grow to four pounds, with rumors of some rainbows reaching eight pounds! This would not surprise me because I have had my line broken on more than one occasion while fighting fishing from the dock.

Tulip Lake Fishing.jpg

The lake has an aeration system that keeps oxygen in the lake through the long winter months when the lake is frozen. This is something to watch out for while ice fishing because it can cause thin ice.


On "Youth/Disabled Accompanied Waters" an authorized angler may now be accompanied by up to two companion anglers.

Tulip Lake is a designated Youth/Disabled Accompanied lake between April 1 - September 30. Youth/Disabled Accompanied Waters are lakes that only permit fishing for children under the age of 16 and for BC residents who have a disability. In the past, fishing was restricted to only these individuals, but now up to two companions may also fish along with an "authorized angler." Companions may include friends and parents. Of course, restrictions may change, and fishers should keep up to date by checking the regulations before fishing.

The lake is set in the middle of large evergreen trees making it a beautiful spot for fishing, and paddling. There are no picnic tables, and camping is not permitted at Tulip Lake but there are several camping spots close by at Roche Lake (which also has a resort), Bleeker Lake, and Horseshoe Lake to name a few.


Kamloops to Tulip Lake.JPG

Directions to Tulip Lake. Click to enlarge.

Tulip Lake is a 45 minute drive from Kamloops. 30 minutes south on hwy 5a, and 15 minutes down Roche Lake road.

Tulip Lake depth chart.JPG

Tulip Lake is a small lake. Its perimeter is about 1.5 km and at its deepest reaches 14 feet.


Right at the end of the dock you are in about 8 feet of water and a cast in any direction can put you on to fish. I have had great success fishing off this dock casting small spinners, particularly the all silver #3 Blue Fox.

Tulip Lake depth chart. Click image to enlarge or download the PDF.


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