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Kokanee Fishing Pillar Lake


clamp on downrigger

Getting your line into the zone!

Scotty clamp mount.jpg

Having a downrigger is a real game changer, especially when you are fishing for kokanee. A downrigger is a huge advantage because it gives you the ability to put your line to the exact depth where the fish are, which is especially important when kokanee can be found at 45 feet or even deeper. I don't go trolling for kokanee without one.

The Laketroller downrigger comes equipped with 100 feet of 150 lb. test and stainless steel cable, and can handle up to a 4 lb ball. Every revolution of the handle is equal to 1 foot of line, which makes it easy to get your depth right. I use the Laketroller in the clamp mount version, but it also comes in a post mount version. The post mount version requires you to install deck mounts that can be used for the downrigger or a Scotty rod holder. 

The Pros

  • affordable

  • reliable

  • clamps anywhere

The Cons

  • it can be hard to wind up at times

I like this downrigger because it feels sturdy and well made. The clamps seem built to last. One major benefit to the Scotty clamp mount is that it can be clamped almost anywhere. I have even clamped it to my wake tower. If the downrigger has a downside, it is that it can become tiresome to wind it up from deep water. The spool can also become unbalanced which will make it even more difficult to wind, and will require the occasional jiggle to coax it back into balance. I have found that the versatility of this downrigger more than makes up for this minor issue.

I will say that I would strongly prefer a Scotty electric downrigger. It would be nice to bring the downrigger ball up with the press of a button, but that will up your cost and also needs a way to power it.  This may make the manual version a better fit for many smaller fishing boats. For the price and usability, this is a good option.

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