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Located just 25 minutes out of Kamloops, just a short drive off Highway 5A in the Knutsford area. Edith Lake is a great place to take the family for fishing, paddling, and camping.

annual stocking

-4500 female triploid eastern brook trout fry 

-1000 triploid rainbow trout  (spring catchables)

-Approx 3000  triploid rainbow yearlings

-Approx 2500 triploid rainbow fingerlings 

Edith Lake is one of the closest lakes to Kamloops, making it a popular destination for locals. The lake and the two fishing docks are very accessible and would make a good choice for anyone, including those with disabilities or other special needs. There are two boat launches on the lake, as well as plenty of shore access if you choose to not use the fishing docks or want lots of room for kids to play.

Edith Lake is stocked annually with eastern brook trout and rainbow trout, the fish are often in the one to two pound range, but I can say from personal experience that the fish in Edith Lake can grow much larger. Rainbows over 10 pounds have been caught in Edith Lake! A common way to fish Edith Lake is by using floating power bait, cast it out with some weight so your bait is about 1 to 2 feet off the bottom.

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Edith lake reaches depths of over 30 feet and has a perimeter of about 3.5 kms. 

Edith Lake depth chart.JPG

Edith Lake has a recreation campground with 14 campsites that come equipped with picnic tables and fire pits. You will have to settle for outhouse toilets, but they are kept clean.


Kamloops to Edith Lake.JPG

Directions to Edith Lake. Click to enlarge.

Edith Lake is a 22 minute drive from Kamloops. It is all paved except the last three kms which is a well maintained gravel road.

To get to Edith Lake from Kamloops, travel south on Hwy 5A to Knutsford. Turn right onto Long Lake road for 4.5 kms, then right onto Edith Lake Road and follow it all the way to the lake.

Edith Lake depth chart. Click image to enlarge or download the PDF.


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