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Fishing Reports

Less than an hour outside of Kamloops, Peter Hope Lake is one of my favourite lakes- and not just for fishing! Beautiful cabins and hidden arms of the lake make this a great lake to explore. Read more about Peter Hope Lake

May 26, 2022

Finally! A day this May that was not overly windy!


Every time I'm headed out to Peter Hope Lake I have an extremely hard time passing Stump Lake when the lake is as calm as it was this morning. Passing up Stump turned out to be a good move. Peter Hope Lake was also calm, and the kokanee were hitting chironomids in 60 feet of water! 

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Peter Hope Lake kokanee fishing.jpg

We first cruised to a few different spots where I often find fish and scanned around with the fish finder. We found the south end to be holding good size schools at about 40 to 50 feet deep. Often when there are several fish marking together they are kokanee. We used Chrome's dodgers and pink kokanee wobblers to troll at 35 and 45 feet using a 70 foot set back. This got us into three fish over the course of 1.5 hours. Unfortunately all three got away. Using single barbless hooks as opposed to tandem hook rigs definitely decreases the catch ratio. We changed our tactics and started jigging chironomids for kokanee. Once we found a school we stopped on it and dropped a small flasher with a short seven inch leader to a silver and red ribbed chironomid. We kept the chironomid almost still while the fish were marking on the finder, only raising them very slowly. When the fish stopped marking we would jig a little faster creating some flash until the fish came back. This worked very well, we caught four chrome kokanee with the smallest being 1.5 pounds. We lost four others.

the Strategy

Rod one: A chrome williams wobbler with 7 inches of leader to a red and chrome chironomid


Rod two: A chrome and pink 3.5" flasher with 7 inches of leader to a red and chrome chironomid



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We had lots of fish on the line but only got four in the boat.

kokanee: 4
rainbows: 0


April 26, 2022

This day was a long time coming! Peter Hope Lake has an ice fishing ban so I am always eager to get out in the water after ice off. This time of year can often prove challenging to catch kokanee, and today was no different.

Like usual I started my day by scanning different areas of the lake where I thought the fish might be. I found that the north end and a small spot toward the south east side were marking the most fish (see lake map in gallery).

kokanee on the fly.jpg
Peter hope lake fishing.jpg

I started trolling the small spot towards the southeast side of the lake as it seemed to have the highest concentration of fish. The fish were marking from 20 feet deep right down to the bottom. I used a Chrome's pink and chrome flasher with a pink wiggle hoochie on rod one, and on the second rod I used the same flasher with a pink kokanee wobbler. These normally wouldn't be my first choice during this time of year but the options are more limited on Peter Hope due to a single barbless hook bait ban that is in place.

Over the course of three hours I caught one rainbow and lost two kokanee beside the boat, all at 30 feet deep and all on the pink kokanee wobbler. A throat sample of the rainbow revealed mostly chrome and red chironomids.  Last year around this time I did very good on Peter Hope catching kokanee on chironomids so I changed up my tactics. I begn jigging using an ice flasher and 12 inches of leader to my hand tied weighted red and chrome chironomid, keeping an eye on my fish finder to put my gear right on the fish.

This was a little difficult because it was in deep water and I was not using an anchor. I made it work with my trolling motor and in the next hour I managed to land four rainbows and one beauty kokanee.

the Strategy

Rod one: A chrome and pink flasher with 14 inches of leader to a  pink wiggle hoochie


Rod two: A chrome and pink flasher with 14 inches of leader to a  pink kokanee wobbler

Jigging rod: A chrome and pink 3.5" flasher with 12 inches of leader to a red and chrome chironomid


Red and chrome chironomids were the way to go!

kokanee: 1
rainbows: 5


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