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Fishing Reports

Less than an hour outside of Kamloops, Peter Hope Lake is one of my favourite lakes- and not just for fishing! Beautiful cabins and hidden arms of the lake make this a great lake to explore. Read more about Peter Hope Lake

September 15, 2023

I was very happy to get out in the boat today! Not only was I excited to get out in the boat but I was also excited to try out some new custom dodgers I have been working on.

The last time I attempted to go boating I got in a fight with my trailer tongue and I lost. What was supposed to be a nice boating day turned into a day at the ER getting nine stitches to close up my shin.

Chromes kokanee dodgers.jpg

Today I made it to the lake safely. No more jumping over trailer tongues when it is hooked to the truck!

I arrived at the lake at 8:30 a.m. and it was perfectly calm. There was a large school of red kokanee cruising the shallows as there so often is this time of year. Since Peter Hope is stocked with triploids I knew there was a good chance of still finding some good sized chrome fish. However I was told that fishing was dead slow by two of the campers that had been skunked the day before.

I began marking fish right off the drop off near the boat launch so I began trolling here. I was using my new Chrome's Swing Tail dodger with custom Chrome Catchers decals that I made the day before. I paired it with a Chrome's pink wiggle hoochie. My other rod I had a Chromes pink bendable dodger with custom decals and a matching pink and glow spinner hoochie. 

Kokanee fishing.jpg

It took a while but I finally got one on the Chrome's spinner hoochie combo but ended up losing it. Fishing was very slow. Over several hours there was no particular place or time that seemed better than the other, it was just consistently slow the entire time I was there. I did, however, not go home empty-handed. I still caught three chromers and released a big spawner. I had three other bites as well. The spinner hoochie and wiggle hoochie seemed to work equally well. Considering I was there for about 5.5 hours that was one bite or one catch every 45 minutes. The fish were marking in the 40 to 50 foot range for the most part, and were not heavily schooled.

the Strategy

Rod one: A Chrome's  custom Swing Tail dodger with 12 inches of leader to a pink wiggle hoochie.

Rod two: A Chrome's pink custom bendable dodger with 14 inches of leader to a matching pink and glow spinner hoochie


It was a slow day but I still caught 4 kokanee, one of which was a spawner that I released

kokanee: 4
rainbows: 0


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JUly 31, 2023

Vacationing was amazing, but there was a part of me that missed sitting in my boat on the local kokanee lakes.

I fixed that today by getting up early and heading to Peter Hope Lake. I've recently heard that Peter Hope has not been producing, but after reading reports about Monte Lake which suggested that early morning is by far the best time for fishing, I thought this may be true on Peter Hope as well.

Kokanee lures.jpg
kokanee on the finder.jpg

The lake was quiet in the morning and the campsites were mostly empty. I headed straight out from the the first boat launch to the drop off and was marking several fish in the 35 foot range. I set the bow mount to anchor mode and jigged on and off while setting up the trolling rods and downriggers. I have caught more kokanee jigging in Peter Hope than trolling this year. Almost all of them actually!

Today was different, but this didn't surprise me because trolling is often a better method in the later season. I got no bites while jigging. I set up with a pink and chrome dodger and an orange and pink micro smile hoochie on one rod and a chrome and pink dodger with a pink wiggle hoochie on the other. Using a 30 foot setback I lowered the gear to 30 feet and 40 feet. I changed up the depth periodically but I kept them between 30 and 45 feet.


Fishing was slow but steady. I lost a kokanee beside the boat on both of my starting lures over the first hour. I changed up to a pink kokanee wobbler and a pink and purple wiggle hoochie. The pink and purple wiggle hoochie was best today. I caught four of my five kokanee on it while the kokanee wobbler caught one. It took five hours to catch my limit today and I lost as many. I didn't mind the slow fishing because I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing in my boat!

Morning didn't seem to be any better, fishing was slow but consistent throughout the day. The fish were not schooled up very much and instead were mostly scattered through the lake, with a few exceptions. It didn't seem to matter where I was fishing, the fish would consistently mark around 30 to 45 feet. 


As I was packing up, I put my rod down in the grass to catch a quick pic (see photo in the gallery). Unfortunately, that's likely exactly where I left it: lying in the grass at the first boat launch in front of the dock while I drove away! I realized when I got home that I no longer had it with me. Let me know if you see it  :D  

the Strategy

Rod one: A Chrome's pink and chrome bendable dodger with 14 inches of leader to a pink kokanee wobbler


Rod two: A Chrome's chrome and pink bendable dodger with 16 inches of leader to a pink and purple wiggle hoochie


I lost as many as I caught today. Some of the kokes are showing their fall colours.

kokanee: 5
rainbows: 0


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