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This may be my favourite kokanee fishing lake. Pillar Lake is brand new to the kokanee fishery and is producing beautiful chromers.

I went there in 2019 to test the new kokanee fishery, it was the first time I had been there in over 20 years. I had forgotten how beautiful it is! 


-2,000 female triploid kokanee fry each year

-11,000 female rainbow trout yearlings each year

Pillar Lake Kokanee fishing

Little is known about how big the kokanee will get as they were first stocked in 2017. They were stocked again in 2018 but not in 2019 due to a shortfall in kokanee stock supply. The stocking is expected to resume in 2020.  Rainbows will grow to the 2lb range.

Keep in mind that if you are planning on going out on the water that there is currently a 10-horsepower restriction on the lake.

Hoodoo at Pillar Lake

The name Pillar Lake comes from a massive pillar that can be found just a short hike from the day use area and boat launch. I highly recommend taking a little time out of your day to check out the pillar that stands 28 meters in height, and precariously perched on top is an 8 ton rock. 

Pillar Lake is home to a fishing resort which takes advantage of the beautiful scenery. The resort offers boat rentals and a convenience store, as well as log cabins and tenting / RV sites. 


Kamloops to Pillar Lake

Directions to Pillar Lake. Click to enlarge.

Located on the Chase Falkland Rd, this lake has easy access. I prefer to take the route via Monte Lake and then through Falkland.

Pillar Lake depth chart.JPG

The lake is 106 acres and reaches 58 feet in depth. Because the lake drops off quickly with multiple deep pools, there are plenty of great off-shore fishing spots at the day use area.

Pillar lake BC

Pillar Lake depth chart. Click image to enlarge or download the PDF.


Pillar Lake BC



Pillar Lake is surrounded by a lush evergreen forest. If you can bring yourself to leave the water, there is a short (but steep!) hike that will bring you to a unique hoodoo with a boulder balanced on top.

Get the latest fishing reports here!

boat launch.JPG

One boat launch at the day use area for small boats.


Fishing Reports

Lake access

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