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ice fishing sled

Because dragging your gear is easier than packing it.

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Here at Chrome Catchers, we try to bring you useful information to up your fishing game. But I have to be honest- there isn't much to say about an ice fishing sled. So here goes:

It's a good sled.

Ok, ok. It's a very sturdy sled. I have used it many times and it's held up well. It even survived the time I tried to get my dog to tow it using a harness- which wasn't my most successful experiment, but it held its own even while she bucked like a wild stallion. It has deep grooves on the bottom to help it track straight. Its deep sides help to keep your load in the sled. I've loaded it with 150 - 250 pounds and it kept on trucking. My kids used it to surf down snow banks and it didn't break a sweat. 

The Pros

  • Cost efficient

  • Sturdy

  • Deep walls

  • Light weight

The Cons

  • None

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