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This is one of my favorite lakes to fish! Stump Lake is properly named: many times, it has left me stumped as to how to catch fish. But on other days, I left tired out from steadily reeling my downrigger balls up and down, as the lake gave up my limit of fish in no time.


-100,000 triploid and/or  diploid kokanee fry each year

-60,000 - 100,000 triploid and or diploid rainbow trout each year

Stump Lake fishing.jpg

Stump Lake offers amazing angling opportunities for kokanee that will reach the 3lb range, as well as rainbow trout that at one time were know to reach 15lbs but now smaller rainbows in the 1-2lb range are the norm.


Stump Lake has been the filming location of several movies and commercials, including for Toyota, Hummer, Ford, and Harley Davidson

This lake is known to flood the highway along the lake, and at times has had boat bans due to flooding.

Stump Lake is thought to be a comparably new lake. The Indigenous people of the area have said that at one time, there was no lake there at all. Stump Lake is named for the stumps of the former forest that can be seen through the water.


In fact, the water level has risen so dramatically over the years that you can see the abandoned remains of the old day use area just off the main boat launch. Be sure to watch out for the abandoned concrete picnic tables immersed just off shore.


Although the gravel shoreline does provide opportunities for off-shore fishing, depending on where you set up, you might be fishing with the highway at your back.


Kamloops to Stump Lake.JPG

Directions to Stump Lake. Click to enlarge.

Stump Lake is a quick 35 minute drive from Kamloops. It is located off Hwy 5A.

Stump Lake depth chart.JPG

Stump Lake is a good size lake at 780 hectares and goes to 75 ft in depth.  

The water gets deep right out of the main boat launch in the middle of the lake, so you can test your luck right after launching. I've had success catching kokanee almost immediately after pushing off.

This lake is known to be a very windy area- be sure to check the weather forecast if you don't want to fish or paddle on whitecaps all day!

Stump Lake depth chart. Click image to enlarge or download the PDF.


20190725_102634 (2)_edited.jpg



Stump Lake features kokanee in the three-pound range. The lake was once known for its giant rainbow trout, which reached 15 pounds! If I were a betting man (which I am), I would bet that those lunkers are still hiding in there somewhere! 

Get the latest fishing reports here!

boat launch.JPG

Three boat launches, no size restrictions. Public day use site off Hwy 5a beside  the main boat launch.

There are four campsites located on the south east side of the lake. Located off Planet Mine Road off Hwy 5a.


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