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Broken fishing rod fix.jpg


do-it-yourself cheaply and easily!

Crazy glue, sandpaper, sewing thread and a drill bit is all you need!

So you broke the tip off your favourite fishing what? 

Luckily this is generally a very easy and cheap fix. For this DIY job, you will need crazy glue, sandpaper, sewing thread and a small drill bit or something else that can be used to hollow out the broken rod tip.  

Broken fishing rod tip fix.png
Broken fishing rod tip fix.jpg

Step one: Hollow out the rod tip using a small drill bit so that it will slide back over the broken end of the main rod. If the rod tip is too thick, you can buy new rod tips with bigger diameters from most sporting stores and they are inexpensive.

Broken fishing rod tip fix.jpg

Step two: Gently sand the broken rod end to make it straight and free of any splits or cracks. A fine grit sandpaper is best, but any sandpaper should get the job done.

Broken fishing rod fix.jpg

Step three: Drip some crazy glue on the end of the rod and slide the rod tip on, making sure it is in line with the other eyes of the rod. Do this quickly because crazy glue sets very fast.

Fixing a broken fishing rod.jpg

Step four: To ensure the tip doesn't come off, you may want to add additional strength by wrapping sewing thread around both the rod and rod tip as evenly as you can. Tie off the thread using simple knots and trim the excess thread. Coat a thin layer of crazy glue on the thread to seal it and allow to dry.

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