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Monte Lake is a popular fishing lake year-round, with some kokanee reaching three pounds. Learn more about Monte Lake here.


May 3, 2022

It is always a pleasure to get out on the water with good company, and when the fish are biting like they were today it is even better.


I launched at the pullout on the north end of the lake. Just in front of the this launch is the most popular place to ice fish, and for good reason: it has lots of fish! I started marking fish right away in front of the boat launch. The fish were in small schools at 25 to 30 feet deep. I was also consistently marking single fish at 50 feet.

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I geared up with Chrome's 4.5" flasher with 16 inches of leader to a pink wiggle fly, and a second rod with a Chrome's pink UV flasher with 16 inches of leader to a Chrome's pink smile blade spinner.

From here, a friend came out to meet me and we started out trolling right in front of the boat launch with one rod at 25 feet, and the other at 50 feet. Our speed was 1.2 to 1.5 MPH and we were using a 50 foot set back. The bites were coming in steadily and we had our first three fish in the boat before we ventured out too far from the north east side of the lake. Outside of this area, the bites slowed considerably (see the lake map in the gallery for our fishing location). 

We returned to the good zone and from here we decided to experiment with several different lures and baits to see what would work best. We tried smile blade hoochies, Chrome's single spinners, a hand tied wiggle fly, spinners hoochies, smile blade spinners and wiggle hoochies. We also tried scented corn, pink gulp maggots, earth worms, meal worms and pink krill.


We had success with all lures and baits, catching six more fish and losing a few. All of the lure and bait combinations were getting bites as long as we were in the right area doing 1.2 to 1.5 mph and had our depth set in the 25 to 50 foot range.  

the Strategy

Rod one: A chrome and pink flasher with 16 inches of leader to a  pink wiggle fly


Rod two: A chrome and pink flasher with 16 inches of leader to a  pink Chrome's smile spinner

Plus several other lure/bait combos


Staying in the right location was the key to success today.

kokanee: 9
rainbows: 0


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JANuary 11, 2022

I found myself with a bit of a surprise day off and figured what better to do than go fishing again!

Monte Lake is probably the most popular kokanee lake around Kamloops, and true to form, there were several tents set up on the north end of the lake when I got there.

I took my gear and set up far west of the cluster of ice tents.

Monte Lake kokanee.jpg

The water was 105 feet deep where I set up and I concentrated my efforts at 15 to 20 feet deep. I was marking the odd fish around 70 feet. I tried sending my gear down to try to entice a bite but like usual the fish at depth don't seem to be too interested this time of year. 

At 10:15 a.m. a large school showed up and I managed to catch one. Often when you catch one you can quickly get a second if you don't waste any time getting your gear back down. I quickly got my gear back down but the school had moved on.

Between 10:15 and 10:40 I had a few single kokanee come in but none of them were very interested. At 10:45  I caught my second kokanee when a large school came in. I had a second rod already baited and at the ready so I could get back on the school quickly. I had a few interested but I couldn't get one to bite before the school swam off. I stayed until 12:30 and only saw a couple more fish. I noticed several other tents had also packed up. It seems as though the morning was producing better. 

the Strategy

The setup: A chrome, pink and chartreuse glow ice flasher with 12 inches of leader to a watermelon tungsten jig with a grub tail.


The Bait:  Scented shoe peg corn.


Just two large schools passed by, and the odd single fish. Two kokanee were caught at 20 feet deep.

kokanee: 2
rainbows: 0


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