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ice fishing camera

Watch all the action live from the depths. Take your ice fishing adventures to the next level!

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I still remember how thrilled I was when I first learned about underwater cameras. I've used my Eyoyo camera for years, and before that, an Aquaview with a tiny 4 inch screen. These cameras have sure come a long way over the years! After a while, I wanted to upgrade to a model with video recording.  This is how I discovered the Syanspan underwater camera. 

I use my Syanspan all the time. The live feed image is clear and crisp! It takes ice fishing to a whole new level. You would not believe how many times fish will bite, and you won't feel a thing. They spit out the hook and you don't even know they were there. I have caught several fish because I was able to set the hook by watching the screen, before I even felt the bite! The Syanspan underwater camera has never let me down. I have used it for 6 consecutive hours and the battery didn't quit.

The Pros

  • Easy to carry

  • Quality image on the live feed

  • Long battery life

  • Watch fish bite

The Cons

  • The recording is not as clear as the live feed

  • You may need to reformat the recording to watch it on a computer

The Syanspan underwater camera has several features like 24 infrared lights, 4500 mAH rechargeable battery that can run the unit for up to 8 hrs. It comes with 8GB memory card so that you can record underwater footage. You can get a 7 or 9 inch LCD screen. It also comes with a convenient carry case that is light and easy to carry. 

Unfortunately the DVR function of this camera is not the best. It's still cool, but it could be much better. The quality of the recorded footage is not nearly as good as the live feed. If you want to view the recording on your home computer, there is a good chance that you will need to use a program to reformat the recording to make it viewable. I use a program called Handbrake so I can edit my recordings. For the cost of this camera, I was able to forgive some of the cons. For a couple of hundred bucks I have gotten hours of extra entertainment while ice fishing. Money well spent!!!

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