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Another beauty of lake! Kokanee fry were first introduced to this lake in 2017. To my pleasant surprise I was catching very healthy kokanee at 1.5lbs in the summer of 2019.

I expect that this lake will produce 3lb kokanee soon!


-8,250 female triploid kokanee fry have been stocked since 2017

-12,000-30,000 female triploid rainbow trout yearlings each year

peter hope lake

The lake is popular with kayakers and paddle boarders who often paddle around the small island on the northwest side, but use of speed boats is frowned upon.


In May of 1955 during a fish sampling in Peter Hope Lake, the largest rainbow trout observed weighed in at a behemoth 13.98 pounds and was 74 cm long!

Peter Hope Lake is close enough to Kamloops for an easy day trip, not far beyond Stump Lake.


Peter Hope Lake is also a great lake for a weekend getaway. Large, well-appointed cabins can be rented by owner, and the resort includes a small playground for children. The community does not have any nearby convenience stores, so plan your trip well. 


The water in the lake is very clear and fish can often be seen swimming in the shallows. Although the water is clean and clear, the shorelines are somewhat reedy with minimal beaches and swimmers will typically make use of swimming docks.

Kamloops to Peter Hope Lake.JPG

Directions to Peter Hope Lake. Click to enlarge.

Peter Hope Lake is a  1 hour drive from Kamloops. It is located 7km off hwy 5 A on a well-maintained dirt road.


Peter Hope Lake depth chart.JPG

Peter Hope Lake covers 237 acres and maxes out at 108ft in depth. 


This lake is a good one for kokanee, and they are found throughout the lake except the few shallow shoals. This lake contains a sunken island near the west shore where rainbow trout like to hang out. 

There is also a small channel at the south end of the lake that leads to Little Peter Hope Lake. I discovered this by accident with my family on a day we were out kayaking. This small lake didn't seem to offer much for fishing, but is still fun to explore in a paddle boat.

Peter Hope Lake depth chart. Click image to enlarge or download the PDF.


Peter Hope lake fishing



Just 45 min from Kamloops, this lake is new to the kokanee fishery and is producing well. 

Get the latest fishing reports here!

boat launch.JPG

Car top/small boat trailer launch located at the north end of the lake.

BCFS campsite with 28 sites located at the north end of the lake.

A resort community on the northwest shore often offers rentals by owner.


Fishing Reports

Lake access

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