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Broken fishing rod fix.jpg


do-it-yourself cheaply and easily!

You will need: crazy glue, sandpaper, sewing thread, and a small nail or needle to fit in the hollow ends of the break.

Fixing a broken rod tip is one thing, but breaking your rod in the middle may seem unrepairable. Don't throw it out yet! It may not look as good as new but with a few steps it can be useable once again.

Broken fishing rod fix.jpg

For this DIY job, you will need crazy glue, sandpaper, sewing thread and something durable that is a snug fit in the hollow ends of the broken portion of your fishing rod. Examples of this are a small nail, a sewing needle, or a round fiberglass rod. Anything that is round, durable and is a snug fit should work.

Broken fishing rod tip fix.jpg

Step one: Gently sand the broken rod ends to make them straight and free of any splits or cracks. A fine grit sandpaper is best, but any sandpaper should get the job done.

Fishing rod repair.jpg

Step two: Choose a durable piece of round rod that will fit snuggly in to both ends of the broken portions of the fishing rod. This piece should be long enough to get a least one inch into both ends of your broken fishing rod. For the example, I used a small finishing nail by trimming off the head and sanding the ends smooth.

Broken fishing rod repair.jpg

Step three: Drip some crazy glue into the hollow ends of the fishing rod and place the round rod of choice into the hollow portion of both broken ends of the rod. Be sure to get to a least one inch of your round rod into both sections of the fishing rod to ensure strength. Do this part quickly and ensure you slide the two portions of broken rod together straight by aligning the eyes because the glue will set fast.

Broken fishing rod repair.jpg

Step four: For additional strength, wrap sewing thread around the break. Completely cover the break with at least one inch of wrapped thread on either side of the break. Tie the thread off with a simple knot and trim off the access thread. Coat a thin layer of crazy glue on the thread to seal it and allow it to dry.

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